Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hello again

So I guess I didn't get to updating as often as I promised. lol. I meant to. Sorry.

Anyway, I'm getting sick of Republican-Tea Party propaganda I see everywhere. For God's sake, people, if you watch Glenn Beck and take him seriously, you are a Class A moron!!! What he presents on a nightly basis is not news or even political commentary. It's right wing conspiracy theories woven together with propaganda. Conversely, people, Keith Olberman is not much better of a news source.

Ok. I'm getting off my soap box now.

For those who asked, I'm living in Ogden. I moved in late August. My family moved elsewhere. It's been interesting. I'm enjoying life on my own. At the same time, things are quiet and in a way, I miss my family.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Brief update

I am finally updating. It's been an interesting month or so. I moved, started classes, etc. I will now be updating this thing every other day or so depending on homework. Love you all.