Wednesday, November 10, 2010

10 things I have learned from Teabaggers and Republicans this year

These things I have learned are from real conversations, debates, dialogues, or real full on fights with real flesh and blood conservatives over the past year. All of these are from personal experiences I've had with them.

1: Socialism in any form is evil. Only pure capitalism will save us. We hate socialism... unless it directly benefits us, then we'll turn a blind eye to that.

2: Bitching about the debt is fun. How do we want to deal with it? Cut taxes. How will that work, you may ask? Simple. Cut the taxes but reduce spending. Where? Well, not in defence, Social Security, Medicare, or any other program.

3: "Obama, Pelosi, and crew" are completely responsible for our current economic mess. No one else. Obama single handedly doubled the National Debt in 2 years.

4: The bailouts were an awful idea and total economic collapse would have been better.

5: Facts don't matter. You can debate cold hard facts! Isn't that great? The President may be a confessed, baptized, church going Christian. But secretly, he's not. He's a Muslim and was sworn in on a Koran. And, Obama was apparently the president who signed the bailouts into law.

6: Countries that have socialized medicine hate it and don't have as good of health care. All of them wished they still had systems like ours.

7: Obama and gays are worse threats to our nation than any terrorist.

8: Torture is ok, as long as we use it to get information we want from an enemy.

9: Democrats spend money like it's going out of fashion, where conservatives are very prudent with their money, that's why the Debt doubled under the Bush Administration.

And Finally, 10: The Bush Years were great!