Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happiest Moments

I don't focus enough on the positive memories I have, so here's a list of my happiest memories:

The first time I fell in love. Strangely enough, that was only 5 months ago with the man I'm currently with. It was everything everyone had ever told me it would be like and more. All the songs and the poems suddenly made sense to me.

Standing in St. Marks Square in Venice at sunset. There was a light rain shower that was a warm welcome after the hot day. My group leader took me by the hand and started dancing with me while she sang Singing in the Rain.

Seeing the Sistine Chapel Ceiling right after it's restoration.

The night I lost my virginity. I was almost 16. It happened with a friend of mine. Afterward, I remember listening to the Enya song On Your Shore and feeling like everything was new and open to me. I knew I should have felt guilty. I had had sex with a man which my religion condemned, but that night, I didn't feel it. I felt complete and deeply spiritual. Everytime I hear that song, I'm taken right back to that night.

Standing amongst a crowd of 1.5 million people as I watched the end of the Bush Administration and the innauguration of Barack Obama. That week with my friends in Washington DC was the best week of my life.

Christmas 2000. The last year that I remember having a happy Christmas with my dad. I savor the memory of that Christmas.

Summer 2000, my summer of ignorance. I felt completely carefree and happy that summer in a way I never had before. I was unaware of the problems between my parents, and was wrapped up in that moment of teenage bliss, and absolute certainty about everything that a teenager has.

Senior Cottilian Weekend. My friends and I were fighting, but for that weekend, we put asside all our differences and had a fun, drama free weekend. I don't remember sleeping more than 3 hours those 3 days.

All of these are moments I remember not feeling any sorrow, pain, or fear. These are the purest moments I have. I will treasure them forever.

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